Jesus was with Him

Jesus was with Him
Jesus was with Him

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Math 28:20
Have you ever felt that God is with you ?? that he lives with you in the same room and in the same  house that you live in?? do you pray as if God is sitting beside you??  if not read the story of old Scottish man…

when old Scottish man was admitted in the hospital with serious sickness…. the family called for a pastor to pray for him,.. As the pastor entered the sick room and sat down, he noticed another chair on the opposite side of the bed, a chair which had also been drawn close. The pastor said, “Well, Donald, I see I’m not your first visitor for the day.”

The old man looked up, was puzzled for a moment, then recognized from the nod of the head that the pastor had noticed the empty chair. “Well, Pastor, I’ll tell you about that chair. Many years ago I found it quite difficult to pray, so one day I shared this problem with my pastor. He told me not to worry about kneeling or about placing myself in some pious posture. Instead, he said, ‘Just sit down, put a chair opposite you, and imagine Jesus sitting in it, then talk with Him as you would a friend.'” The aged Scot then added, “I’ve been doing that ever since.” pastor left after praying for him.

A short time later the daughter of the Scot called the pastor over phone  When he answered, she informed him that her father had died very suddenly and she was quite shaken for she had no idea death was so near. Then she continued, “I had just gone to lie down for an hour or two, for he seemed to be sleeping so comfortably. When I went back he was dead.” Then she added thoughtfully, “when He died  His hand was on the chair.. which was close to his  bed. with that I understood  He placed his life in  Jesus hands and died.

The minister said, ” your father lived so close to Jesus”” that He could lay his hands in Jesus hands and died.

friend, are you living close to Jesus??  can you say boldly that God is with me??  can you speak to him as if you are talking to your father or friend??  finally do you have that assurance that you can lay your hand in His hands when you die?? if you say Yes, you are blessed.
if not … why not you accept Jesus as your savior and place your life in His hands???

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