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Greetings to you all in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. I am J.K.Christopher Babu, Music Director. I come before you through this magazine to share my part of the testimony and all that God has done in my life from my childhood.

I was born on May 19, 1978, in a small village called Srinivasapuram, West Godavari District. My parents were J.K Prasanna Kumar and Yesu Krupa Vara Suhasini, I have a brother Vinay Kumar, and we four lived in Hanuman Junction, Krishna District. My father who is a lyricist, composer, used to compose tunes and plays drums in crusades with his team. He recorded many Christian songs and also owned a home studio in those days. My early childhood was all into music as we used to have recordings, jamming, and all the fun.

This is how my musical journey started. I was introduced to music by playing drums at our church, Gospel meetings along with my dad and I enjoyed those days traveling to different places in Andhra Pradesh. I was very much attracted to music that I developed a strong passion for it. Though I haven’t learned or got trained in music under qualified musicians, by the amazing grace of Almighty Jesus Christ, I started playing Keyboard by self-learning at the age of 16. Inspired by many famous secular music directors in those days, I used to practice by listening to their music. But I have to say this, Dad and his brother are my greatest inspiration who influenced me to become a music director and to choose this carrier.

When I was in my teenage, I along with my brother formed a musical team and started performing in various places across Andhra Pradesh. No sooner, I started composing music and even programmed few songs on my YAMAHA PSR 510, my first keyboard. After shifting to Hyderabad in 2000, I started working on a Christian album and my friends who were impressed by my work compelled me to compose music for advertisements and TV commercials. Very slowly, that lead me to work for movies in Telugu Film Industry as a Keyboard programmer. I was paid a good amount and being satisfied by that, at one point, I decided to continue programming movie songs. I started working with many famous music directors then, and simultaneously I was doing Christian albums as well.

In 2004, God helped me to start my own recording studio “Melody Digi” in Hyderabad. Very soon, I got busy with recordings, programming, composing music and also performed at Manna International music festivals. I was the busiest keyboard programmer and composer then. I got married to Mary Lillian on November 10, 2008, and God has blessed us with a baby girl on September 8, 2009.

To recall, the most memorable incident in my life was in the year 2010, that changed my entire life and made me stand as a witness to God. All of a sudden, I fell sick with multiple complications and my health got deteriorating day-by-day. It was so worse that even doctors gave up their hope and refused to admit me to the hospital. I strongly believe that God had a purpose for my life and that is why he wanted me to survive to glorify His name. However, a doctor came forward to admit me to the hospital, and miraculously, God healed me and raised me from my deathbed. Doctors who treated me were amazed by the way I was recovered and testified that it was only by God’s grace that I was alive. Many pastors and well-wishers throughout Andhra Pradesh have prayed for me during my sickness, and it was by His grace that I am what I am today.

Soon after I completely recovered, God has enabled me to use my talent for composing and producing music. But still, there was a question in my mind that made me think if I am really glorifying God through this? This made me realize that I should glorify Almighty Jesus Christ alone and it was on that day, I decided to stop working for secular music, and started working only for Jesus Christ. After stepping out of the secular music, my days were not as smooth as many thought. I faced severe financial crisis and had to go through many problems. Even then, God who is my provider, took care of my life, and blessed me in all my ways and made my life fruitful. We were soon blessed with a baby boy on May 18, 2011.

God out of his great mercy has enabled me to produce music for more than 1000 albums and still counting. In 2012, Manna Ministries had recognized my passion towards Christian music and awarded me with “ Christava Sangeetha Rathna” for producing more than 1000 Christian music albums. All Glory to God. Currently, I am working on a handful of albums.

God has lifted me up to produce music and praise Him in crusades. I would like to encourage all the readers and youngsters especially, to pray to God to anoint you and guide you before you start any work. I would also like to ask everyone to be humble, work hard, be positive, focus on your goals and above all, be rooted in Jesus. When you do this and never feel proud of your talents, believe me, God will surely bless you and honor you in His time. Praise the LORD.

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